Photo du hall d'entrée, un canapé en cuir marron, à l'hôtel Iroko, Aix les Bains.

L’Iroko, a family hotel at the Grand Port in Aix-les-Bains

The Iroko hotel is ideally located at the Grand Port of Aix-les-Bains, Riviera des Alpes, on the edge of Lac du Bourget. An idyllic setting between lake and mountains, ideal for a stay to discover our beautiful region.

3km from the city center, our 23 rooms invite you to enjoy a peaceful and warm setting at the foot of Lac du Bourget.

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The Iroko, a historic hotel

Built in the 18th century, the Iroko building was first used as a shed and stable by the owners. It was from 1895 that it became a hotel-restaurant. It was bought by the restaurateur Auguste Lille in 1903, who developed the establishment to become the most popular in the city. The restaurant even received a Michelin star in the 1970s. A major fire forced the building to be completely renovated a few years later.

After around thirty years of operation, the owners decided to sell their establishment. Several owners succeeded one another, but the “Lille” sign remained. In 2006, a major renovation campaign transformed the Iroko as we know it today. The building is separated into three parts: the Les Voiles restaurant, the Les Quais restaurant, and the Iroko Hotel.

Photo du hall d'entrée, dans les ton orangés, à l'hôtel Iroko, Aix les Bains.
Photo aérienne du parking de l'hôtel Iroko.
Photo du hall d'entrée, canapé en cuir marron, à l'hôtel Iroko, Aix les Bains.
Photo de l'enseigne de l'hôtel Iroko au Grand Port à Aix les Bains.
Photo de la façade de l'hôtel Iroko au Grand Port à Aix les Bains.

Our actions for the planet

The tourism sector has the greatest impact on the environment, which is why Hotel Iroko implements effective practices on a daily basis to reduce its ecological footprint.

Labeled Clé Verte, we are committed to:

  • Change sheets only on request for a stay of more than one night.
  • Use low-energy bulbs and motion detectors outside and in common areas.
  • Provide customers with a recycling space at reception and train teams on selective sorting.
  • Set up a composting system to optimize bio-waste at breakfast.
  • Work with eco-certified and environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Install water savers on showers and faucets.
  • Promote the short circuit for breakfast, as well as the seasonality of products thanks to local organic producers.

More information: The Green Key charter

  • Member of The Originals network

    We are an independent hotel that shares the group's values. Our priority? YOU !

    By staying at the Iroko hotel, you accumulate points on your loyalty account and benefit from various advantages at all the hotels in the network! Registration is free with an email address. You accumulate 3000 points per night and benefit from a -5% reduction on your reservation.


    11 200 points: breakfast is free
    22 000 pts: a bottle of champagne is offered…

Discover the Riviera des Alpes and the Savoie region

  • Photo d'une via ferrata à Aix les Bains.

    Via ferrata

    • In summer
    This is the route that will offer you the most beautiful view of the lake: the Cornillon Via Ferrata. Departure from the Col du Chat, an easy difficulty, but be careful of vertigo.
  • Photo du restaurant le Skiff à Aix les Bains.

    Le Skiff

    • Restaurant
    Brasserie pub offering seafood. 1 minute walk from the hotel.
  • Photo du bord du lac du Bourget à Aix les Bains.

    Walk along the shores of Lac du Bourget

    • Outing
    If you like walking, a large part of the lakefront is pedestrianized. From Mémard beach to the Mottets site, put on your sneakers, get on your bikes, your rollerblades and enjoy a stroll along the water's edge.